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Welcome -The Northwest Outfitters Bookstore is located inside the main entrance of the College.  Tuition and all other financial obligations are paid at the Bookstore. Northwest Outfitters also offers office and classroom supplies, computer software and a nice selection of NTC clothing and gifts.

The bookstore accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. However, the bookstore does not cash checks. There is an ATM located in the kiosk commons for your convenience.


• Students are allowed to charge textbooks to their NTC account. This period of charging textbooks begins a week before the semester and continues for the first week of each semester.

Our campus bookstore opens for Spring Session book purchases on January 5th. 

Financial aid charging period is January 5th - January 20th.

Distance book charging begins December 15th.  Last day to order distance books to be charged on your account will be January 16th.  Order early to allow for shipping in time for class.


Textbooks for On-Campus Courses offered at NTC are stocked in the bookstore.

Distance books are not stocked on campus and may be ordered from the Distance Minnesota Bookstore.  The link is provided on the left of this screen upon selecting "Textbooks - Distance Courses".  The distance bookstore is scheduled to open December 15th and the last day to charge distance books is January 16th.

A Used Book Buyback is held at the end of Fall and Spring semesters during finals week. Dates and times will be posted on campus.


Parking permits are required for NTC and BSU lots and are available for purchase in the bookstore.

NTC Yearly Permit                                       $43.15

NTC Fall  only Permit                                   $21.58

BSU/NTC Combo Annual Permit               $110.57  valid for BSU lots marked G2